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We visit markets, with our homemade happiness served up under our marquee!

Come and say hello, Meet-the-maker, and taste our spice blends for free!

Buy Freshly Cooked Deeliciousness direct from us at the Markets! Every Weekend you have the chance to come and support us at our food stand:

  • 1st Saturday of the Month: Warrandyte Community Market 

  • 2nd Saturday of the Month: In-store promotion - check Facebook - Currently on hold

  • Every Sunday: Mulgrave farmers Market.


We serve: 

  • Pierogi(Polish Dumplings) filled with Cheese and Potato

  • Vegetarian Option - served with Sour-cream & Dill sauce

  • add Crispy Bacon on top for Meat-lovers

  • Butter Chicken

  • Dhal (Vegan-friendly)

  • Cape Malay Chicken Curry

  • Samosas - filled with our Minced Beef Curry

  • Southern Fried Chicken Tenders 



The Best Samosas this side of the Punjab!


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