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Southern Fried Chicken Recipe

Shopping List:

Deelicious Dishes Southern Fried Chicken spice blend
1Kg chicken tenderloins

250ml buttermilk

1 1/2 cup plain flour

1/2 cup cornflower

3-4 cups vegetable oil



3-4 cups vegetable oil
Mix in 1 cup Buttermilk, marinate overnight, or at least 4 hours

Add spicemix-2 to flour and corn-flour and mix well

Heat oil, about 25mm deep, in deep frying pan until it shimmers. If a cube of bread sizzles when you drop it in, it's ready

Dredge the chicken in the flour mixture until well-coated and add to the pan in batches. Do not overcrowd the pan. When golden brown, turn and cook the other side until golden-brown

Remove and drain on paper towel. Repeat with remaining chicken tenders.

Serve hot with salad and sauce of your choice. Great with aioli.

Freezer-friendly instructions:

The cooked chicken tenders can be frozen for up to 3 months. No need to defrost; put the chicken tenders on a wire rack on top of a rimmed baking sheet and bake in a 180 C oven until heated through a crisp, about 25 minutes. (Turn the chicken halfway through baking.)

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